Contribute to effective meeting ( Online course)

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The online course 'Contribute to effective meeting' from Mofundus BV offers you all the ins and outs about successful meetings.
The ability to keep yourself and others moving towards the future is the basis for effectiveness. Online meetings are also discussed in this course.

Contribute to effective meeting - online course

Meetings that lead to decision-making and action are pleasing to your ears.
Getting the best possible return from meetings is becoming a sport that everyone likes to participate in.
Meeting as an effective management tool! The ability to keep yourself and others moving towards the future is the basis for effectiveness.

Extra Info
Language: English
Completion: Certificates

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You speak English and are a regular part of a meeting. Sometimes you are also the chairman during the meeting. You want to get more out of the meeting time!

The following results are achieved:

You know all the aspects to make a meeting a success.
You can distinguish between content and process.
You know your own meeting behaviour and know how to deal with 'difficult' meeting participants.
You are inspiring and work from your own preparation.
You have an eye for different cultures during your online meetings.

Training office: Mofundus BV

Mofundus has a tradition of 25 years of result-oriented work for the benefit of people and organization development at (inter) national level. Movere is "to move" and fundus means "foundation".  We look at people as the foundation of your organization and it is our specialty to let people set themselves in motion. That is our starting point in the training of employees/ workers.

Our core activities consist of knowledge transfer and testing, practical training, interim (project) management and research. Mofundus has acquired the main license from Zivier; the digital platform for learning based on questions and answers. An excellent tool to use in the training of employees/ workers.

Why are clients satisfied with the collaboration with Mofundus?

We use clear agreements and stick to them. Our reliability is praised, and this applies in particular to achieving desired results. The many years of experience in training of workers translates into simple and efficient solutions for human and organizational development issues.

Innovation of the techniques and forms of communication used are the backbone of our company. We work closely together in many networks.

What are our core values?

Reliability, Innovative, Professionalism, Result-oriented, Sustainable

How do you experience that?

We keep what we promise.
We are permanently visible with innovative products and services in various branches.
We annually follow internal and external training courses in and outside our field and we publish.
We are rewarded for results achieved.
We offer our written communication digitally.
We know what the training of employers/workers entails for an organization, and are happy to think along with you.